Our family has been going to Dr. Crawford for over 8 years and we would never consider another dentist.  He is personable, attentive to detail and has given us extremely good dental care.  One never gets the feeling he is trying to hurry or run you through the procedures but rather he takes his time and gets it right!  It is like going to your friend to have your teeth worked on.

Gaylene H & family., patients since 2004

When I first saw Dr. Kris Word over 20 years ago, she was still a student at Baylor College of Dentistry. I grew up in a small town and throughout my life had never seen a regular dentist. By the time I was in my late 40’s, I had several serious dental issues that needed to be addressed. I went to the dental school, in the beginning, to save on expense since I needed a great deal of treatment. That was the best decision I ever made, and it had nothing to do with the cost factor, but with the fact that Dr. Word came into mine and my family’s life. After over 20 years, my entire family still sees Dr. Word. She is not only a wonderful person, but the most honest, caring and technically proficient dentist we could have ever hoped for. We have referred many of our family and friends to Dr. Word, and they all love her as well. You couldn’t ask for a better dentist. She is wonderful!

Harvey G., patient since 1993

Dr. Crawford is fun to be around and such a great guy, I actually look forward to going to the dentist. His staff is fantastic as well and cares about the patients. You just know that these guys care about you and your health. I drive a distance just to keep seeing Dr. Crawford and will never see anyone else as long as I am in the DFW area.

Lisa P, patient since 1999

We have been blessed to have Dr. Kris Word as our dentist for the last several years. We have always experienced exceptional care and are treated like family by both Dr. Word and the staff in her office. We couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!-Drs.

Alex and Stacey H., patients since 2004

I have been a patient of Dr. Crawford’s for the better part of the last 10 years. I have always been impressed with the quality of care, professionalism and friendliness of Dr. Crawford and his staff. They go out of their way to make a dental visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Administratively, they do a great job of dealing with the different insurance companies. I just can’t imagine using a different dentist, and I feel fortunate to have become one of their patients.

John M., patient since 2005

There are no words for how much we love Dr. Word and her staff. We drive over 30 miles to see her. She is an amazing dentist and a wonderful person. We will never go anywhere else!

Judy R., patient since 1994

I have been a patient of Dr. Crawford’s for about 6 years. What I really appreciate about him is the personal interest he takes in his patient’s dental health. Needless to say, the routine dental care is outstanding, but the extra time and care he takes with his patients goes far beyond any dentist I’ve ever used. When I was interested in some cosmetic work, his guidance and advice was helpful and honest. The results of the work was truly amazing and honestly makes me feel better about myself and restored some much needed self-confidence. I have recommended Dr. Crawford to many friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so without hesitation.

Keith F., patient since 2009

I had a crown emergency on Dec 31, 2008 of all days! I was new to this area and did not have a dentist yet. I found Dr. Kris Word at Summit Dental Care open, although for just a short time due to the fact that it was New Year’s Eve day. She worked me in and took care of my emergency right then and there. If she was hurried to leave that day, I never knew it! She could have turned me, a new patient away that day, but she didn’t. My family’s and my loyalties lie with Dr. Word to this day. We are blessed to have found such a wonderful, caring dentist to take care of our dental needs

Diane D., patient since 2008

Dr. Crawford has been my dentist ever since he began his practice in Trophy Club. When I began seeing him, I was in need of a new dental bridge on my upper front teeth. Before he started my new bridge, he listened to me say that my bite never felt quite right ever since I had the original bridge done by my previous dentist. He recommended that I consider getting braces before we made my new bridge in order to correct my bite and to get the best result possible. He referred me to the orthodontist and I wore braces for about 2 years before he made my new bridge. I am so pleased with the result! My bite feels perfect now and my new bridge looks beautiful and very natural. He definitely had my best interest in mind. He has honesty and integrity and he always puts his patients’ needs first. He has a very gentle touch. I have had a lot of dental work done and he has never hurt me. I have complete trust in him. On one occasion, I actually fell asleep in the chair while he did a root canal. If that’s not trust, then I don’t know what is. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Crawford. Needless to say, I highly recommend him!

Vivian F., patient since 1999

Someone told me years ago that when you find a good dentist-you stay with them no matter how far away they move. Dr. Word is that dentist. My family and I have been going to Dr. Word for close to 20 years and we don’t even think twice about the 80 miles round trip for our visits. Even though my sons have left home and have families of their own, they still go to Dr. Word and take my grandson. One of the things I really value about Dr. Word is that she takes her time with us and guarantees all her work and materials. While working on our teeth, Dr. Word always asks if I am doing okay or does she need to stop for a while to give me a break. If you can say that a dentist visit is ever painless-that is what I would say about my visits with Dr. Word. Dr. Word and the staff at Summit Dental have always treated us as welcomed guests. They remember to ask about other family members, ask about what is going on in our family and supporting us in more ways than I can name.

Sharon L., patient since 1994

I love Summit Dental! How many people can say that about their dentist? Dr. Crawford is so gentle and kind, and such a skilled doctor. He performs the cleanings himself and we have plenty of time to discuss my care. Summit Dental makes sure you know your doctor, and you get the best care possible.

Jenifer R., patient since 2011

As a patient of Dr. Word’s for the last 12 years, I have been extremely satisfied with my care. All the staff is very personable and bright. I actually look forward to my visits to the dentist.

Angela B., MD, patient since 2000

Dr. Crawford and his team are amazing. Friendly, caring and always willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your smile goals. Marsha in the front office always has a smile in her voice and on her face. It makes going to the dentist a pleasure. My kids enjoy watching a movie during their cleanings. I especially like the lip balm that Dr. Crawford puts on my lips to prevent them from chapping during my cleanings. It’s the little extras at Summit Dental Care that keeps us coming back.

Louise B., patient since 2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Word’s for over 15 years. I used my childhood dentist for years, but needed a new dentist after moving. I did my research and was very impressed with Dr. Word’s education, experience and the fact that she also taught at Baylor after graduating. One of the nicest surprises, after meeting Dr. Word for my first appointment, was how kind and personable she was and her extraordinarily calming manner. Even my friends and family that intensely disliked going to the dentist in the past, no longer felt any anxiety or stress when visiting Dr. Word for their appointments. The entire staff at Summit Dental is extremely knowledgeable and professional and they have worked as a team for many years. The environment is relaxing and you can watch movies during procedures too. The general dentistry services Dr. Word has performed on me include annual x-rays, teeth cleaning, fillings and wisdom tooth removal. The cosmetic dentistry services I have had are a dental bonding and the teeth whitening process, ZOOM! I could not have been more pleased and satisfied with the quality of work for all these services. Prior to coming to Dr. Word, the bond on two of my teeth was constantly breaking, causing me a lot of embarrassment and awkward moments as it is in the front of my mouth. After seeing Dr. Word, she figured out a way to create the bond that has made it last years, and I no longer worry about it breaking anymore. I had also purchased a teeth whitening service from another dental clinic that left me with teeth that were two-toned where it did not whiten the tooth near my gum line. So, I decided to try ZOOM! at Summit Dental. The ZOOM! process was painless and easy and it left me with beautifully whitened teeth all the way to my gum lines. The maintenance system is simple and my trays perfectly fit my teeth so are very comfortable to use. I have referred, co-workers, family and friends to Dr. Word who have all experienced the same excellent service that I have received. I will continue to refer people to Dr. Word as a very pleased patient who wishes everyone could have the same wonderful experience I have when going to the dentist.

Carrie H., patient since 1997

Dr. Crawford and his entire staff are great. My whole family goes to Summit Dental Care and they have always been professional, honest, friendly and on time. They really listen to the patient and work with their preferences. This past summer, I chipped a tooth late at night before leaving town the next morning. Dr. Crawford answered my call that night and fixed it first thing the next morning. And with no evidence of any chip, I was on my way. I highly recommend this practice.

Leslie M., patient since 2011

We have been patients of Dr. Word for many years, and she has cared for us, our children and our elderly parents during that time. She has handled everything from the routine to the most urgent dental matters, and she has accommodated our needs on many occasions in really amazing ways. Beyond all the professional stuff, which is in itself truly excellent, she is an absolutely lovely person. She is without doubt the kindest, most gentle and compassionate dentist we have ever had, and we cannot imagine having any other person provide our dental care. No one really wants to go to the dentist, but everyone needs to on occasion. Her skills and her gentle manner really minimize the anxiety of a dental visit. Dr. Word is one fantastic person, and her team is great! We cannot endorse her and the Summit Dental folks enough, and we absolutely recommend her (and them!) to anyone needing outstanding dental services.

Mike and Ellen P., patients since 2005

We love the office because everyone is so personable! When you call to make an appointment, they always call you right back and do everything they can to get you the appointment you want. When you come in the office everyone is so friendly and smiling that it makes you feel like they all know who you are and you aren’t just a patient number. I would recommend Dr. Crawford to all my friends and family or anyone looking for a new dentist.

Amanda M., patient since 2005

Finding Dr. Word and Summit Dental has been a blessing for my entire family. Before we found her, we were all going to separate dentists and none of us was happy. Now we all go to our appointments together in our local neighborhood (although I would drive any distance to see Dr. Word). In my mind, there is no better gift than being able to bring your young children to a dentist and know that they are safe, happy and beyond well-taken care of. My husband and I love that when we walk into the office we are greeted with a smile in an office that is warm and inviting. My boys love that they can watch movies if they choose, but they actually just enjoy visiting with Dr. Word. She has been seeing both of them since they were toddlers and to us, she is family. She remembers everything we have ever told her and she asks us each visit how we are, and not just about our dental health. I think the best think I can say about Dr. Word and Summit Dental is that I don’t feel like I am just seeing a dentist; I am spending time with people who care about my family and look out for our best interests. I have recommended this office to everyone I know and will continue to do so.

Tami R., patient since 2001

I am thankful that I met Dr. Crawford when I moved to Texas a number of years ago. He is very caring and concerned about his patients getting the best dental care possible. He always takes care of our individual needs. Thank you, Dr. Crawford.

Jan B., patient since 2006

We are long-term patients of Dr. Kris Word, and I can’t say enough good things about her and her staff. She really has a way of putting my kids at ease and making the visits fun. From video games in the reception area, movies in the treatment rooms and picking prizes from the ‘treasure box’, my kids actually look forward to their checkups. Thanks, Dr. Word, for the great care you provide.

Keli D., patient since 1994

Dr. Dan Crawford has been our family dentist since Summit Dental Care opened their doors. He truly cares about each patient by afterhours phone calls, referrals to specialists, and his involvement with your care. His office staff is friendly and works with you to ensure your needs are met. I have dental anxiety…Dr. Crawford and his staff understand this and work hard to alleviate my fears. I appreciate his genuine, down-to-earth style. I highly recommend Dr. Crawford and Summit Dental.

Alice M., patient since 2000

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