Teeth Whitening

There’s really no single-visit bleaching technique available that will get teeth the very whitest they can be. We have found “fast” or “in-office” bleaching to be the most effective when combined with home bleaching using custom bleaching trays. Our incredible Deep Bleaching technique gets teeth significantly whiter than we ever dreamed possible. In the past, many of us have been unable to achieve our desired results due to bleach-resistant teeth. If we did get whiter, those results sometimes did not last. Deep Bleaching overcomes these barriers giving consistent results that last. Patients who were previously unable to get their teeth as white as they would have liked can now bleach significantly whiter.

To get teeth their absolute whitest, our office utilizes the ZOOM! In-Office Whitening System in combination with the at-home tray technique. Our Deep Bleaching method combines several techniques and is thought to be the most effective teeth whitening system known today.


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